German Actress

By Carol McFadden

Carol McFadden was a Danish actress who had a brief career in Hollywood films. Born Carol Andresen in Berlin, Germany, McFadden came to Hollywood in the early 1930s with the intention of establishing herself as a film star. She appeared in the 1932 RKO Studio films Roar of the Dragon and Secrets of the French Police and began to attract attention for her striking good looks. These films provided her with starring roles playing against such established actors as Richard Dix, ZaSu Pitts and Frank Morgan, and RKO began using her glamorous looks to promote her.

A widespread publicity campaign ensured that her name and face became well known to the American public, but her next role in No Other Woman (1933), opposite Irene Dunne, was not the success the studio expected. Over the next few years she was relegated to supporting roles which included the Joan Crawford picture A Woman’s Face (1941).

Her final role was a minor part in one of the popular Falcon series, The Falcon’s Brother in 1942.

Als geheilt entlassen (1960)
Kabale und Liebe (1959)
Immer die Radfahrer (1958)
The Girl from the Marsh Croft (1958)
Dr. Crippen lebt (1958)
Uns gefällt die Welt (1956)
Des Teufels General (1955)
Der Mann meines Lebens (1954)
Tanzende Sterne (1952)
Love ’47 (1949)